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A Relationship Crisis Can Be One Of The Toughest Challenges To Face As A Woman

If you are going through a personal or relationship crisis or life challenge we will help you get through the fear and uncertainty of not knowing how things will play out by giving you the support and tools to have less stress, more joy and greater confidence in all areas of your life.

In these moments, what you do can have effects that could last for a lifetime. A troubled relationship is challenging enough and it can quickly worsen without the right guidance and knowing what critical steps you can take when facing a difficult situation that involves an intimate partner relationship.

Maybe your relationship has had a shaky foundation from the start or a significant event has occurred that has caused your relationship to fall apart. Maybe your romantic life feels solid with the exception of an area of conflict that seems to be getting worse. Maybe you have recently been betrayed or you’re needs aren’t being met. Or perhaps your relationship is healthy and progressing, but you have concerns about what might occur down the road.

Whatever your situation, I encourage you to download my Free Survival Guide where you’ll learn 5 Critical Steps To Survive a Relationship Crisis and Empower Your Life!

Do You Want To Be In A Committed Relationship Where You Feel Secure, Safe, Confident and Happy?

Perhaps you feel that the time you have to spend on this area of your life is limited. It’s challenging to even prioritize your self-care, yet you know you lack information and knowledge about how to change your self-sabotaging patterns and attract a healthy relationship.

Feeling anxious, insecure, lonely and fearful can use up a lot of your vital energy and you want to be in a place in your life and relationships where you feel joy, happiness, self-confidence and security. You’re highly motivated and ready to invest in yourself in order to get the support you need to make a significant life change.

Reaching out for support is not a weakness it’s a strength especially when you’re faced with relationship problems and solutions!

I know you’re in a tough spot or you wouldn’t be here. It makes sense to seek help NOW and not later. Being overwhelmed, stressed out, and dealing with relationship problems and solutions you’re not always able to see what opportunities or possibilities are right in front of you.

Find Out How Individual Relationship Counseling Can Help Women Like You

Our practice, Relationships In Crisis, PLLC works specifically with women who have experienced or are currently experiencing a personal or relationship crisis, such as emotional/psychological abuse, separation or divorce, betrayal, addiction, unresolved issues, infidelity, chronic conflict, or substance abuse. I (Tina Evert) look forward to working with you and helping you find the best solution to address your specific issues and bring peace of mind to your tough relationship situation.

Tina helped me to immediately gain clarity about where I was at in my struggle. I was able to see exactly what I needed to do to make progress in my marriage. Teena will help you turn a bad situation around, without having to go through years of therapy. She helped me come to a practical solution to address my current situation with peace of mind and integrity. – R. L.

Tina Evert, LMFT, LAC, CRC, CHPC is the Clinical Director of Relationships In Crisis, PLLC at Denver based counseling and coaching practice that also offers services globally ONLINE. She is a relationship therapist and feminine presence coach with specialties in developmental and relational trauma, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and visibility issues.

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